As a country we’re more concerned about our economy than anything else during this election cycle. If you’ve been watching the primaries you might have noticed that there has been little to no discourse about education. According to Gallup only 3-5% of Americans see education as a top priority this year.

But given our concern over the economy you would think that education would be more at the forefront of our national discourse. Education is the best way to grow the long run GDP potential of a country. Our education system is facing a number of challenges, and our students and teachers need the support and focus of our politicians.

Here are some of the issues I’d like to hear our nominees for president talking about:

  • The Poverty-Education Gap
  • Early Childhood Education
  • College costs
  • School internet connectivity and wifi
  • Centralizing control of schools

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the education system and what do you want our politicians to be talking about?


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