Every child in America should be have access to the internet. It’s a necessity as learning moves online. And our children need to develop digital literacy to participate in the innovation economy.

Yet 15% of Americans don’t have access to the internet. When I’m in schools across Newark, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx almost every kid had a phone. But a lot of them don’t have data plans.

Access to the internet is not guaranteed to every child by the government. And our poorest communities are most likely not to be able to afford to give their kids data on their phones and wifi at home. The students who could benefit the most are being shut out from the web.

Imagine if every student was provided access to the internet. 

With connectivity struggling students can get help (from sites like CK-12, Khan Academy, or Mentored). They could also learn skills that will enable them to earn more income (like 3D modeling, web development, or excel). But without connectivity their phones are worthless.

A majority of students in America live in poverty. 

We owe it to them to make it happen. An innovative non profit could choose run a pilot and measure the impact.  A school board or city government could decide to make this a public issues. You could even reach out to your member of Congress.


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