Microscript Rules

If the glove doesn’t fit… Even though I didn’t type it out, your brain probably said “you must acquit.”

Why is that?

Your brain ‘hears’ the rest of the sentence as if I wrote it out because of audiation, the process by which our brain complete words/music that it already knows. Great marketers use this mental hack to develop marketing messages that is sharp, concise, and leaves people talking for days after they heard the message.

Microscripts are simple marketing messages that tell a story, and evoke powerful imagery. They’re grounded in your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). And they’re those short phrases that customers will repeat to others – spreading your message. You can see microscripts all over – from marketing to the political arena.

When Donald Trump was building his campaign messaging he leaned on ‘Make America Great Again.’ This short phrase, which many people repeated, packed a lot of emotion and meaning into it. It was a phrase that people repeated, that explained why people casted a vote for him.

Microscripts tell stories. They’re the brand positioning that people will repeat 5 minutes (or 5 days) after your presentation. How do you develop your microscripts? It comes down to hypothesizing your USP, listening to how your customers talk about the problem you’re solving, and testing language to see what sticks.

Give it a read.


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