For the fifth week of the Breaker Project we were hosted by MTV Scratch for an ‘ideating’ session. According to their website,

“Scratch is a SWAT team that channels the reach, connection and creative force of Viacom in new ways to drive culture and commerce. Through consumer insights, consulting and award-winning creative, Scratch is engaging with our partners to transform industries and activate audiences.”

What does that actually mean? Scratch is part consultancy and part creative agency. They leverage the research, insights, and connection to culture within Viacom to help clients make an impact among their target makret.

Our brainstorming session was fantastic, it was led with the framework of ‘yes, and’. Meaning that as we talked about ideas the Scratchers forced us to dig deeper into each thought. This one day enabled us to take our weeks of research and boil them down to the beginnings of several potential firms.

The patterns of our research that emerged during this session were:

  • Our values for this project are not monetary, we seek people to make a time commitment to motivate change
  • Story is very important to us, and we seek a solution which will capture people’s attention

As a Breaker I cannot thank the Scratch team enough for helping us to refine our ideas. I look forward to hearing their feedback at our mid-project presentation next week!

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